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"Total legend. . . knows every song in the book . . . nails every tempo . . .sings like Nat King Cole . . ." 

Adrian Cox

A busy musician in his own right, Nils has recorded and performed with such artists as Bryan Ferry, Nigel Kennedy, Clare Teal, Fapy Lafertin, Gary Potter and Ralph McTell, and continues to be much in demand as a jazz guitarist/vocalist, soloist, accompanist and recording artiste.


His own style could best be described as a mixture of gipsy swing and The Great American Songbook, though always leaning towards an intimate acoustic style… imagine Django Reinhardt meets Fats Waller and The Nat Cole Trio and you’re almost there.

I Get The Neck Of The Chicken - Nils Solberg
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Nils Solberg


Nils Solberg jazz guitar/vocals
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